An Omen of Dust

January 4, 2018

I sit watching in this world
A lover never noticed before
In the pits of the floor
Reduced to dust, evermore

I’ve been constantly reduced to tears
I’m haunted by all my worst fears
The minor ones still bother me
But they make me feel I’ll never be free

I’m always forgotten and sent away
Given smiles, but never in a way
That make me feel all glad inside
It’s a good thing dust is easy to hide

I sit shoulder to shoulder, with no one, forever
The day I die, tick tock, goes the clock
Life will go, time will pass
Dust accumulates, left unchecked

Friendships I have never last
It’s like an egg that never hatches
Sorrow, hatred, pity, gore
My life is filled with all the more

A life of a peasant, I have
I must believe I must be sad
But I sit waiting on the floor
Dust accumulates, evermore

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