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December 15, 2017
By slew_14 SILVER, Haymarket, Virginia
slew_14 SILVER, Haymarket, Virginia
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it is better to be alone then in bad company - George Washington

He had the kind of smile that would be cruel to leave unkissed.
The kind of boy that appreciated me for me
Who listened to my music even though it wasn’t his favorite genre
The type of boy who opened every door, and smirked a little when you complimented him.
The type of boy who was just what I had been searching for.
The type of boy whose height I was in love with.
The type of boy that would stare at you and it made you blush a little.
The type of boy that healed you after a long time of being wounded.
The type of boy you could take to little coffee shops and have conversations with.
The type of boy who asked for permission before he did anything.
You let me finally see it was okay to let my guard down,and be myself.

S :)

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