The seasons

December 14, 2017
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The air gets colder as it blows gently down the road
The amazing autumn days spent frolicking in the leaves
Around us is a festival of warm colors
The crunch of the leaves under our feet as we walk

The days turn even colder as winter approaches
The last of the leaves free fall to the cloaked ground
The ground is now a carpet of frost
Kids start to bundle up outside

Winter is here with a white blanket on the Earth
A new day shivers as cold as ice
When the night comes the Christmas light come on
And out comes the hot chocolate with marshmallows

The cold air fades with time
The blanket is now removed showing flowers
The pastel colors are seen everywhere
You can find beauty in the bloom

The day starts with a touch from the sunrise
The grass grows all around, the hills alive with bright colors
New baby animals blooming into spring
Nature is now a canvas of bright colors

The air gets warmer as the days get longer
Days become kissed by the bright sun
Take an afternoon nap in a hammock
The leaves turn green

The possibilities of summer are endless
Stay in the pool to cool down the heat
The sunshine peeking through the clouds
Spend the cold night by a fire

The leaves turn brown
The colorful days of autumn are back
Summer falls into autumn with the cold air
Have a good fall y’all

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