What I Love

December 4, 2017

I love peppermint on a hot day,
I love pieces of me scattered on the ground,
Pick up the shards and rebuild myself from nothing.
I love peanut butter clumping on the roof of your mouth,
I love sound and colors on the subway,
Anonymous laughter in a grayscale world.
I love the pores of pumice rock when they are filled with water,
And sparkling limestone and wooden things.
I love the colors gray and silver,
And gold and diluted pink.
I love pens that don’t smear, and paper that feels rich under your fingers.
I love music and poetry,
and The Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing.
I love pretty things,
But I also love messy rooms.
I love creativity,
But not forced ingenuity.
I love the sky,
I love smiles,
I love you.

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