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November 28, 2017
By pancakebears GOLD, Staten Island, New York
pancakebears GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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your name falls out of my mouth

like water,

synonymous with the rain.

your name –

I keep it in the back of my throat,

where it echoes for all eternity

like a tired orchestra,

your name –

I feel the power of it

when the world crashes in on itself,

I heard the same sounds when

the night caved in and we

caught the falling stars,

your name –

it carries the weight of the world

in five letters,

it’s chained to my tongue and it’s

pressed up against my slippery shoulders,

(it pulls me to the ground,

so I swallow down)

your name –

and everything it stands for,

the sadness it drags and the

shattered smiles, they’re all smeared into

your name –

it falls out of my mouth like water,

like broken glass and cracked skin,

so I run my lips under the fountain of peace,

I spit you out of my heart one final time, and

your name –

it drips out through my bruised body,

my hollow bones,

my silence-stained teeth, and

your name –

it comes out dry.

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