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November 10, 2017
By Squidwardtortellini GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
Squidwardtortellini GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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My grandpa kicked my dad's a**

I haven’t seen my grandpa in 7, 8 years?

But he tested the durability of my father's skull with a full bottle of beer followed by a blow

And all my thoughts spoke about nothing, but that

They told me that they couldn’t believe that he did that to my dad

They also said that wouldn’t a spanking be enough?

I mean he is a dad right..?

My mother told me that everything is going to be fine that a coyote will pick him up while he’s sleeping and bring him back home

A coyote! How could an animal like that possible pick up my dad and drag him back home?

My thoughts drew me pictures of what they imagined my dad doing

Riding on the back of a coyote while a pack of coyotes follows him.

A big mama coyote dragging my dad with her babies following her

And of course, a coyote eating the guts of my dad while vultures fly up ahead waiting for the coyote to finish. 

I waited for the pounding of the door to be replaced with a howl.

Day 1 no howl

Day 2 no howl

Day 3 no howl

Day 4 no howl

Day 5 still no howl

Day 6 there’s a howl, not the howl of a coyote, not the howl of a pack of coyotes, not the howl of the baby coyotes, but the howls of a drunken man.

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