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In Touch

November 17, 2017
By dinks PLATINUM, Hinsdale, Illinois
dinks PLATINUM, Hinsdale, Illinois
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"and kisses are a better faith than freedom"

The song didn’t even just sound good
it just felt good too
Wrapped around my every emotion
like an electric river,
it took me to a home in a far away place,
but I had never been there before,
or at least I thought so. . .
Foggy, it was cold
I was so lonely, but it was romantic.
Up here in space we don’t get much air
thats why I cant breathe anymore,
and why my lips are turning purple

I fell in love with red this summer, 

think it's 'cause 
I stopped being so blue

After that, all i saw was yellow

espeically when it danced with autumnal orange

only 'cause thats the time of year 

we hung out on the golf course

and stared at the smoke in front of us

I still dont think you know
I'm talking about you,
but all I do is think about him
No wonder you say I’m all talk
What's that sound?
Voice in my head
I can't really hear her though,
can you?
They always say they knew,
but no one ever asked
I don't think I would tell anyway
What's the point
when it all fits so easily in the corner
of your mind that only reveals itself
at when the stars are hidden

and the devil on
your shoulder

is keeping you up

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