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Slow Falling

October 13, 2017
By princetaylor GOLD, Ormond Beach, Florida
princetaylor GOLD, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Lactose Intolerant

When I came to your house for the first time, you offered me rocky road ice cream.
My mind went back to the day I ate two bowls of mac and cheese at my friends house and spending half of the next day on the toilet, listening to my mom lecture me.
So briefly, I thought of saying no, but the smile on your face made it impossible.
Through every bite I took, every second I grew closer to my imminent doom,
your smile held constant.
You chattered on and on about the new sketchers your mom had gotten you over the weekend,
and how they matched perfectly with your favorite purple shirt.
I couldn’t care less about your sketchers
or how they matched your shirt with the word “Diva” written in giant, bold letters.
All I knew was that your smile was positively captivating
and I couldn’t bare look away for even just a second.
Within minutes, I had finished my ice cream and I could already sense my fate,
but that didn’t matter.
I would spend my lifetime on the toilet if it meant your smile would never die.


Window Shopping

As next-door neighbors, our windows lined up perfectly across from each other.
It was something out of a fairy tale romance story;
Nerdy girl living next to her cheerleader childhood-best-friend-gone-crush.
At night, when I can’t sleep, I go to my window and throw pencils at your window that I definitely needed for class.
When you open the window with your bedhead and that damn “Diva” shirt on, I can’t help but love you that much more.
You call me an idiot for waking you up from your beauty sleep, and I tell you you didn’t need it in the first place. You laugh and call me an idiot again.
We stare at each other for what feels like forever, not saying a word.
I marel in the beauty that is you;
your eyes that shine as bright at the stars in the sky,
your golden hair wildly framing your face,
and that damned smile spread across your face; making me forget I had to sleep
until you said goodnight in a voice I could barely hear and shut the window softly.
I love you, I respond and close my window.

Young, Stupid Love

Sitting on this dock in silence, my feet hanging above the water just by a few inches,

I was consumed by thought; consumed by you.
I took my time to remember our journey, how long it lasted, how bittersweet it was:
I remember us running around our conjoined yards with nerf guns and water balloon grenades, firing at each other with zero hesitation, on the sunniest days of summer.
I remember our first kiss at the old park across the street from your house, after I had fallen off the slide trying to prove myself fearless.
I remember refusing your prom invitation because I had planned on asking you first, attempting a grand romantic gesture I had planned for two weeks.
You didn’t talk to me for a week, which made it hard to ask you, but after I pulled a “Say Anything” at 3 am, you accepted while you were wearing your faded “Diva” shirt.
I remember proposing to you, getting down on one knee in front of our favorite park while you held a cone of rocky road ice cream. You said yes and promptly called me an idiot.
I look over at you staring off into the distance, your bare feet barely skimming the water and
I am glad;
Glad you were the one I fell in love with.

The author's comments:

a series of poems in the perspective of my character, max

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