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A Symbol To Remember

October 9, 2017
By Soccerwoida9 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Soccerwoida9 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Wrinkled and rugged, the red, white, and blue waves with a lasting meaning, defining who we are as Americans. It’s something that has claimed my heart ever since I was a boy and has claimed the hearts millions since 1776. It’s a symbol to look up to and cherish. Freedom, love, and security imprint patriotism in American hearts.

Freedom. The first 10 amendments allow us to do as we please, when we please, and how we please. If not for freedom, what would this country be today? Would African Americans be considered equal under law? Would women be as independent and strong willed? Would our economy be as successful as it is today? Freedom is the bedrock of our society. It allows for people to have a say in what goes on around them rather than it being decided for them. Life without the American flag means life without freedom.
Love. Americans aim to preserve love in their hearts. It is what drives us. Love keeps the ember in our hearts smoldering for eternity. It is what allows America to persevere through struggles, and contradict that which opposes it.
Security. Security allows us to sleep at night. It is what keeps us from shivering at the thought of fear. Our nation prides itself on security. From our local police force to our nation's Army protecting us night and day, security lays the land which we walk on, allowing us to abide by our own rules and regulations.
Wrinkled and rugged, the red, white, and blue holds great meaning. To me, our flag describes patriotism. Patriotism is freedom, love, and security. And without patriotism what would we stand for? It connects all Americans, leaving us with a lasting perception of prosperity and hope.

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