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Growing Up in 2017

October 11, 2017
By MusicPanda BRONZE, Cleveland, Tennessee
MusicPanda BRONZE, Cleveland, Tennessee
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A true reader is not defined by how many, or what books they have read, but by the lessons that they learn from them.

I honestly don't understand how life suddenly became so much complicated.

Our biggest worry used to be scheduling playdates with our friends. And now, we're facing the world.

They call this phenemenon "growing up."

We all remember being younger, and wishing that we were older. Wanting to make money, drive, and hang out without parental supervision.

Looking back, I don't know why we were so eager to grow up. Adults always told us to enjoy our childhood. They said that adulthood only meant more responsibilities.

But no one could have prepared us for growing up in today's world, especially 2017.

We're not even adults, and yet, have seen and experienced so much.

No one warned us that there would be terror attacks on innocent people, much less almost weekly.

No one told us that our every move and decision would be harshly critiqued by the rest of the world.

No one knew that we would face nuclear threats.

No one bothered to tell us that our friends and neighbors would be persecuted because of who they love.

No one told us that everything we had learned as children would be challenged, and deemed wrong, by others.

Nothing could have prepared us for what is happening today.

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