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Equality Is Just A Word

May 13, 2017
By Stephanie.S BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
Stephanie.S BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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Equality isn't just about the color it's about the people themselves.
These people have dreams and it took them far.
Simple protest that were so calming and non-threatening.
Led two people in hospital, people hurt.
the skin color you have
Shouldn't separate you from others.
Whether you're white,black, mixed
The inside is all the same.
And appreciating and accepting people,
Should be as accepting as a new emoji on a phone,
Should be as accepting as a celebrity that's known.
And as accepting as an object that's your own.
Because no one is at the top of the throne,
Not even the president that thinks
If you aren't born here you should go back home.
It's hard to speak when you're all alone,
When you know your families in your hand.
And with one simple question they could all get banned.
Each and every one of them slipping out of your hand like sand.
Why can't different cultures, languages in looks,
Keep us together so people can stop
Judging a simple book.
By its cover
I fought
You fight, we all can bring a little light.
Not to the next funeral
But to the next Universal stand
Because MLK and Rosa Parks didn't fight
And risk their lives
For us to end up the same way,
They fought so we could fight
Be equal
And stay where we want to stay.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem because it talks about personal life issues that I've gone through and political things are going on now based on what has happened in the past.

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