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May 12, 2017
By Dora_H GOLD, Olympia, Washington
Dora_H GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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Why does it rain so much in Olympia?
Some say
The scientific way
Water cycles through, and hits the graffiti filled streets lined with damnation
Downpours on Oly the most because of its location

I give a different answer
I think it's from heaven
Maybe the angels are crying
maybe the sanctuary packed full of halos is melting 

The water turns black as it hits the cement as it mixes with
The hues of spray paint
Sweat from the rock concerts dripping off the band
and audience
It forms in puddles

Reflecting in the aqua
Of olympia
the evergreen trees up above, and the students at
Evergreen College 
With there dreadlocks
Rainbow pins under rainbow skies
And open minds

It sums up Olympia
this bubble of acceptance
under the smoke of stoners
under the layers of graffiti paint
With their separate meanings and stories
Is Home

And Home will always come before Hate

For as long as you live on
Right up to before you and I sink down into flame full of ex cons
Just remember
Different doesn't mean Wrong 

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