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(ranting) from the heart

March 24, 2017
By anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
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When is enough, enough?
When does the pain end?
Does it stop when someone calls my bluff
After I type “I’m fine” and hit send
If I never react to their foolish taunting
They are being denied my prized pain
But that doesn’t stop their words from haunting
Every little corner of my brain
If I refuse to snap
They don’t get a show
And when the entertainment is crap
Maybe they will stop the blows
One to the face
One to the heart
Cruelty isn’t a race
But they already said start
One to the jaw
One to the gut
I want to bring out my claws
But I’m determined to keep my walls shut
One to trust
One to pride
All of the fun times are in the dust
I’m alone on this ride
One to hope
One to confidence
I can’t always cope
To being treated like a complete hindrance
One to life
One to love
If I create such strife
Without a push or shove
Without a word
If me being me
Is so commonly deterred
By all those who can only be
Hateful conformists
Then perhaps I will do
A spectacular performance
An act that is all true
For those who thought I would take it
In humble silence
The front row is where all of those special people will sit
So my presence is giant
To all of the ones that made me feel small
I will scream at them
Show them I don’t care at all
About where they think I come from
Or what I should be about
I will deliver revelation after revelation
In a fury that will leave no doubt
My stance of the situation
They’ve put me through so many times in my personal history
Which happens to be their misfortune
And my victory
  Because my new position shows me that high school
Is not threat
The drama and social hierarchy is a game for fools
Ultimately, the only things that are going to matter are the grades you get
Because all of the people from high school
Who tangled themselves in playing with other teenage lives
Well this is the only time they rule
They will not continue to thrive
In the real world
Where spreading rumours for fun
Only causes all of your relationships to be hurled
To the state of oh so done
High school is a scam
Where the mean think they win
But I’m just going to pass these exams
So I can leave this place where I’ve been
Put through hell
While the social kings and queens
Get locked further into their cell
Forever stuck in the good old days of their teens
Because they will not move on
Always cruel and “perfect”
While the ones like me are long gone
Making a name of respect
Instead of just the past popular girl
Who still works at a fast food place
And that is as far as they will unfurl
Living life without leaving a trace
In the end high school will just be a part of my past
Where I got the grades
That got me places fast
Your stupid teenage gossip doesn’t persuade
My future into going downhill
So as this rant comes to a close
So does your everyday thrill
Of giving my self esteem a good bulldoze
Because that phase is over
I hope you aren’t too upset
That I just took over
The life I let
You take away
But it is mine once more
And I’m going to live every last day
Knowing I am being me to the very core
And you can’t change that
No matter what you say or do
My identity is a fact
One that will always remain true
So, may I show you the door?
Even though you are going nowhere, you must be on your way
My path towards greatness is much different than yours
And even though I could stray
A time or two
Right now I am content knowing that I
Did everything I needed to do
To make it to this goodbye
Where the bully is beaten
And I uncover the reason
That I no longer have to fall
And I stand tall
On the stage
Where I shattered the cage
And the crowd is in awe
Of the spectacle they just saw
A girl
Taking back her world
In an epic story full of twists and turns
The tale from which I will always learn
From my past mistakes
Of letting high school dictate
My who, what, when, where, and why
But alas this is goodbye!
So, farewell to my dreadful past
My dark days are done and today is ever so bright in contrast
And whatever my future brings
I’m moving on to much better things
Without you

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