The changes of world from 12 to 13

March 3, 2017

When you are twelve
Everything goes well,
But striking thirteen
Means you have become a TEEN,
The eyes that looked at you with care and love
Start to crave for lust,
The sweet little girl turns into
An attractive pearl,
You transform from the never noticed skirt
To a person with whom anybody could flirt,
At first it suffocates
But then you get used to of it,
You don’t get time to understand
Because suddenly every boy wants to be friends
The free bird
Gets a cage as a gift from the world,
You become carefree to careful
Your expressions change from ever-smiling to dull
And happiness comes down to null,
A girl wonders why dad is suddenly worried of my security
No wonder because it is far beyond her maturity
Dear world please let us live free…...

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