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Let Bonds Naturally Evolve

March 5, 2017

You can't force your friendship on someone!
You can't force people to be in a relationship with you!
Bonds naturally evolve and it is exactly the way they should turn out!
You meet someone with a hope in your eyes!
Hope of taking your bond forward!
It sometimes work out and sometimes it does not!
And when you meet someone you think is worth, keep them!
Don't let them go!
It's rare!
Very rare!
It's rare to find people worth your efforts!
Why run after someone who does not care even about your existence.
Give your all to someone who will preserve you in their hearts!
Make efforts for someone you think you deserve!
Make efforts for someone you think you can grow with! Someone you can learn with!
Give your all to someone who pours their heart out to you and let you pour yours!
Love someone who makes you feel a little weird and yet wonderful at the same time!
Adore someone who loves you the way you are! Someone who wants to know how you spent your day!
Why waste time on people who spend moments and vanish like nothing has happened!
Live your own life live for yourself and people who live for you and never ever put them on a stake for someone unworthy.

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