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Where I'm From

February 2, 2017
By ngf16 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
ngf16 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I am from a white house on Pennbrooke
with an untrimmed shrub covering the side window.
The wooden playset sprouted from a box,
doomed to fall apart within its first year.
I’m from my ocean in the backyard.
Walls of plastic filled with cold hose water.

I am from stern scolding—
“you’re being a brat.”
Entrepreneurial tendencies—
“you don’t get what you don’t work for.”
I’m from the germination of a humble business man—
“Those who talk about their money
only do so because money is all that they have.”

From a peeling white starter home in a crowded neighborhood,
grass sprouting from the sidewalk’s cracks.
I’m from an extravagant country club home on rolling hills.
Housewives competing in shows of diamond rings and Jimmy Choo’s.
I’m from a modern lake home with windows and colors,
a lawn manicured to the last unwanted weed.

I am from the day I gained a sister,
who showed me what it meant to be an ethical person.
I can’t always have what I want,
and it is how I choose to handle opportunity costs
that defines me as a person.
I am from the day I lost a friend to the sky,
and felt the sting of death too soon,
words I wish I would have said playing in my mind.
I am from the first time I fell in love,
knowing it was only high school,
but realizing that we live in moments, not in plans.

I am from “always stay humble,
what you have will never be who you are.”
I am from “work hard, even if you don’t need to,
it builds character and personality.”
I am from making time for what matters.
“There are only 1,440 minutes in a day,
choose who you spend that time on wisely.”

I am from the core of forgiveness,
in the worst of betrayals.
I am living proof that things will be
as they are meant to be.
I am from 24-hour days,
of sweet smiles and never ending gratitude.

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