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Forwards and Backwards

January 23, 2017
By ScarletCity PLATINUM, High Ridge, Missouri
ScarletCity PLATINUM, High Ridge, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Anything that can be done, can be undone. ~Scarlet City

When the world stops spinning,
The stars stay still,
you find
It’s in that moment that you figure out what you’ve really lost

I’m struck.

And I’ve lost everything.
I’ve let him go, and I’m left clutching broken guitar strings

Maybe It’s all a dream
And then I know that
He’s still here, next to me.

Remember that.

The stars focus
And I know
I’m happy,
Right where I’m supposed to be

The author's comments:

First, read it from the top down. 


Then read it from the bottom up. 


(Hint: When you read it backwards, read it backwards by line. Ex. Right where I'm supposed to be/ I'm happy/ and I know...)

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