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Why The Hell Not?

January 8, 2017
By DogloverUSA SILVER, Debary, Florida
DogloverUSA SILVER, Debary, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"The truth is that airports have seen more sincere kisses then wedding halls. The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches."

I can't let you in even if I tried

You'd never understand my pain

You'd probably not even care

I'm just a waste of breath anyways

Who even cares anymore?

So I'll jut die peacefully

Let depression have it's way

You know that I tried

Life's just too hard

You tell me you want to fix me

But you can't fix something that is unfixable

The author's comments:

About a year or so ago I was hit hard by depression, I was so close to just give up, to let go and be the weak person everyone else already thought that I was. And some would call me selfish for wanting something like that, But I think that I am far from selfish because I stayed alive for my friends and my family.

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