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The Truth About The Darkness

January 1, 2017
By DogloverUSA SILVER, Debary, Florida
DogloverUSA SILVER, Debary, Florida
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"The truth is that airports have seen more sincere kisses then wedding halls. The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches."

Let me tell you a true story

About a girl

So young and beautiful

She loved the world

And dreamed of great things

She put others first

And gave everything her all

One day prince charming showed up

And she thought that this would be it

Her happily ever after

But she was ever so wrong

See the prince she thought was hers

Was only dressed in prince clothing

He hid behind a mask

And pretended to be charming

But when she fell in love

He whispered in her ear

"You'll never be pretty

You'll never be beautiful

You don't deserve a prince like me

You're not worth my time"

Then he slammed the door on his way out

Leaving the girl all alone in the dark

So the girl no longer believed she was pretty

She no longer thought she was beautiful

She thought she didn't deserve a prince

She thought she was nothing

And as the world that had grown

So bright around her began to grow dark

She took her last breath

And wished the light well

The author's comments:

My inspiration for this poem was the fact that people all around us spit words out of their mouths not even caring what they say or how it may effect the other person. I hope that when you read this it hits you and you realize that you don't know how much words can hurt another person.

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