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November 3, 2016
By annemariei GOLD, Denver, Colorado
annemariei GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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Please give me the power to give myself grace. It is the depression, it is the trauma, it is not me as a person. I deserve all human experiences despite not believing so.

I do not need to light myself on fire to burn others wrong doings.

I do not need to drown to suffocate the memories.

I do not need to drain the blood from my veins to remove the poison of the past.

To breathe and to have a beating heart are blessings I must not take for granted. I do not need to die to escape the pain.

I have suffered and crumbled more than I would like to admit. I have been through hard things, and came out of them with more strength, maturity, knowledge..

This pain is temporary. These scars will heal the more time passes. The pain I am experiencing now is nothing in comparison to what I have previously endured.

I have suffered deeply, and I have survived. I can move through this moment and continue to survive.

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