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how I love you, my darling

September 12, 2016
By hurryth3ninjasarecoming GOLD, London, Kentucky
hurryth3ninjasarecoming GOLD, London, Kentucky
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I do not love you as I did yesterday

I love you wth all my heart, my darling. 

I love you when you are yourself, at all times my darling

You treat me as an equal, as we both are, my darling 

But don't you see, my darling, oh my darling

that I love you more than the sun? 

The way I love you, is hard to describe 

it is soft, and hard all at once

it is not platonic

but yet it is

I love you, I will treat you tenderly

but I will also so love viciously, for I would not let you go 

I wish for us to be so in love with one another every can see by the way you hold my hand

but I also want you, my sweetest friend 

my darling, stay for tonight, my darling, don't leave me cold

I will forever be yours, and I will think of you as my darling

whether or not your cherry lips touch mine and collide 

Tis goodnight, my sweet, lovely, beautiful darling 

The author's comments:

To the guy who has stolen my heart, whether or not you love me back, darling

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Marla SILVER said...
on Oct. 3 2016 at 5:37 pm
Marla SILVER, Central, Utah
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this has really beautiful sentiment. keep loving your darling. Always keep loving.