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The Surface

September 8, 2016
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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It's not enough
I'm never enough
My poems cry to be better
To be stronger
To be heard as something more
But a poem is only as good as the writer
And I am always lost
Just a puzzle of words
That have missing pieces
I write the words
Yet the words have power over me
I sing the notes
Yet the melody plays around me
I am always lost
And always empty
Always lacking a part of me
That I lost somewhere in my past
I am like brok-
En unfini-
Shed tears and a split
Line that can't find a home
In a family of stanzas
Unanswered questions
Emotionless words
Is it only a blank page
Or can I show you a glimpse of my soul
Stamped between the black letters
Of a print
Translated from the chaotic mayhem
Of my honest scrawl
Run-on thoughts
Create traffic jams in my head
And I lack the wings to fly away
Misplaced emotions
Try to fit my life into a poem
To be finally rid of it
They told me it's all about perspective
Glass half empty
Glass half full
Either way I'm still missing half of myself
And the rain only seems to take away more
I look up at the sky
And cry out "Why?"
As if demanding a response
Will make everything better
But the sun shines regardless of sorrow
And the clouds darken regardless of happiness
And the further I dive into my words
The more I swim down into the poem
Trying to find some sort of closure
The deeper I sink
Into a dark world free of gravity
Yet crushing with the pressure of loss
So here I am now
Would you swim down to save me?
Would you reach for my hand
Even when it withdraws out of habit?
I am lost but loved
I am broken but beloved
My eyes hide something wild
But if you wish it
I will give you the key to my spirit
Where all my secrets lie
I am like fire
You can control but not tame me
And if you draw too close
I might burn you
But here is this poem
Please take me back
To where everything began
And where life was simpler
Bring me back to the bliss of ignorance
Bring me back to the surface

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