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June 27, 2016
By Luckystar78 ELITE, London, Other
Luckystar78 ELITE, London, Other
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Lit in the shivering green leaves that gleam rust in the fire in the night air,
Brightening as torch light in the fading sun that floats upwards in a rush of wind;
Brittle as the savage, mouldy nails that break in strips on my frozen skin,
As my eyes are drowned in a terrible film of despair;
Like sun glasses as they shield the long eyelashes from the glare of the heat,
The darkness begins to descend on me, pierce the silken blanket around my shoulders.
A dream soaks through in frantic sweats on my burning body;
Hunting the terror that lurks in the embrace of a teddy bear,
Whose fluffy paws release from mine in a symbol of disconnect.
I am wandering in a blue field, and the daffodils are tainted with purple,
The golden sunflowers luring me into the scent of their honey-sweet revenge;
And the warm flush of water raising one crooked, bent finger:
For me to accompany it in its fury, its sorrows, its anguish.
Hidden in the darkest woods of the psyche,
Muses a small figure dressed head to toe in lavender;
Bowing its head as it considers your fate;
A night filled with stunning firelight and buzzing flies and ash-green pea shoots,
Or a date with blood and flesh and horror;
To entrap you in a nightmare sliced with hate:
A ghastly smile vivid as my screams.

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