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May 30, 2016
By CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
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So close yet so far

From the ashes I will raise a town
The fiery phoenix that'll live forever
Leaving behind the ink
Of his precious tears, washing away
Pain that once had been, and is no more
From the ashes I'll raise a castle
Where anyone feels at home
Made of dark grey stones,
With ivy climbing up the chimneys
Light pours in from stained glass windows
And on the windowsill sits the cardinal
Who sings a melodious song
From the ashes I'll make a forest
Where trees root deep, and dance freely
A forest that'll have a beating heart
From ashes I will make home
To the orpahned, the homeless,
The rejected, and the disabled
So they could at last feel love

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