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How We Began

April 14, 2016
By crazypandagirl BRONZE, Jeffersonton, Virginia
crazypandagirl BRONZE, Jeffersonton, Virginia
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We began as nothing, dust and atoms drifting through space.

We began as minuscule, particles straining to survive in a molten world.
We began as creatures, thriving as beings in a cooling planet.
We began as destruction, surviving through the end of an era.

We began as tribes, learning from the harsh world.
We began as empires, bartering land and lives in politics and war.
We began as rebels, winning and losing wars in our lands.
We began as family, turning on one another and forgiving wrongs.
We began as rivals, competing to become the best in the land.

We began as strangers, sticking together through the paths of school.
We began as friends, learning to be true at home.
We began as more, staying together to encourage the change.
We began as children, saying goodbye for the first and last time.
We began as teens, moving on and losing the past.

We began as adults, the past lost and looking for a future.
We began as parents, friends forgotten to the sands of time.
We began as acquaintances, forgetting childhood antics.
We began as friends, remembering in pictures and games.
We began as neighbors, lost in the sea of elders.

We began as children, born to learn of the past.
We began as teens, made to live for the future.
We began as adults, forced to work for life.
We began as parents, to raise children to follow our lead.
We began as elders, children forgetting our stories and lessons.

We end as dust, joining those gone before us once more.

The author's comments:

This just came to me when I thought of how life began, and how relationships are born.

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