April 18, 2016
By BrandenCorbin SILVER, Colfax, Iowa
BrandenCorbin SILVER, Colfax, Iowa
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It’s a scary thing
You don’t want too much of it
But yet not enough of it
You might have those days
And not talk to anyone
But you remember the next day
That everything gets better
And you go back to your life

Other days it feels like nobody’s talking to you
And you wonder why
Then you remember
And you wish you didn’t do it
That stupid thing you did
Caused a lot of pain
Not just to yourself
But to some of your closest friends
You wish you could take it back
But life must go on
You find new friends
But never forget the first

Remember that stupid thing?
The thing you said and did?
It may have just ruined your life
Most likely you're overreacting
But it did more than you think
You lied to all your friends
And you did stupid things
Some of them forgave you
But some of them just left
You try and you try
But it seems like they gave up
They never talk to you again
But you wish they would
After a while you give up
Then randomly they come back
You get really happy at first
But you notice something
Something strange
They are completely different
How did it happen?
It’s only been one summer
But yet they are not themselves
They have a new best friend
But they start talking to you
And you think everything will be better
But you're wrong
Nothing is the same
They act different
They talk different
They even walk different
It’s like they're a whole new person
How did it happen?
One summer
One summer of…

The author's comments:

This really means a lot to me, thank you so much for reading it.

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