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New Life

April 2, 2016
By sadieopal SILVER, Long Island City, New York
sadieopal SILVER, Long Island City, New York
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her mind wanders
strolling in worlds
unbeknownst to me

maybe she’s flying
somewhere else
out of this world
to a new place

a place suitable
for her opinions
and her indescribable thoughts
that scare and scatter
friends and family alike

a place where
no one
will decide how she lives her life
and where
she may do what she pleases
and let herself roam

her eyes change suddenly
reflecting another change
in her dreams

perhaps they have
taken a turn for the worst
perhaps she is joined
by her thoughts
thoughts she has evaded
for too long

thoughts that terrorize her
finally caught up

perhaps she is running
running from the ideas
praying that they won’t catch up

or maybe

The author's comments:

This piece was written when I noticed a girl in one of my classes staring into the distance and I could only imagine what she was thinking.

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