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The Knight

April 5, 2016
By s.mitchells BRONZE, San Jose, California
s.mitchells BRONZE, San Jose, California
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My heart is breaking
no use in merry-making

The walls of my light
Fall far from my sight
And off to another knight.

I am no longer queen
And it would seem
My kingdom has followed suit.
The grass does not sing
My trees do not dance
To the pitter patter of rain.

The streams of rivers
Moan and they groan
poisoning those that abide near.

I am now a ruined princess.
my bravest knight betrayed me.

He promised me:
A life beyond riches and gold
One full of merry and light
One full of the finer things in life.
But most of all…

My knight plunged his sword
into my heart.
leaving me to bleed
as though I were a weed,
a pest under his foot.

I am foolish
for I was never a queen.

I am chained,
all you were
was an illusion
a temptation
a mask.

Once the intoxication of your “love”
You threw me
Right back in my cell.

You see
Knights are simply mercenaries
They turn their eye
to the prettiest girl,
the prettiest jewels
and the prettiest kingdom of them all.
Mirror mirror on the wall
who has the fairest kingdom of them all?

That’s what he asked you
and you told him me.
But once he had me
you changed your tune
and there he went
riding off to the next
fairest kingdom of them all.

My servants and counsel
advise me to kill the knight.
They say he is a traitor.
He is a scoundrel of sorts,
breaking down walls
and ending lives
however he was never mine.

My laws and my justice
shall never reach him.
My assassins can never pierce him.
For even if they scratch him
or slow him,
he shall never cease to be on his quest.

When he finds the fairest kingdom of them all,
there he shall sit
on a jewel engraved throne
and become king.

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