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February 24, 2016
By FoodSlyer GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
FoodSlyer GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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Carrier pigeons scream
Unpopular opinions,
spoken through the gaps of my teeth

Ink stains the crumbled paper
I’ve stuffed to the back of my throat,
preventing controversy

I’m trained by those who say,
“Let your words be heard.”
If only they agree with what the other pigeons,
uniform in opinion think

Their beaks speak
Until someone disagrees

Submissive minds blindly follow
Opinions spawned by media
They don’t stop to think

They smother with love
those who never question
An unjust system,
seeking to silence the truth

Severing the tongue of the one
who dares to speak out,
they oppress the one
deeming the general voice wrong

Majority used to think
Black was a work of Satan
Cracks of whips,
opening backs of innocent children
Women raped and told,
“Be silent.”

Years of tension
between different colors
on different spectrums

Beds occupied with unacquainted lovers
Propaganda portraying its wicked messages,
zipping the mouths of those who speak against it

Consequences tumble along,
attacking the ones who sealed their ears
They curse the truth,
seeing for themselves what could come
out of something that seems harmless

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