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State of Insanity

February 6, 2016
By NightBulb SILVER, Sudbury, Ontario
NightBulb SILVER, Sudbury, Ontario
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It was hard – I only wanted to experience
The songs of doves on the zephyrs of a spring evening 
But today nothing is left but the wailing cry
Of the celebrity on the radio who has been blaming everyone
For her everyday problems – and I hate to admit
That we are no longer listening to the voices of
Our disappointed reflections

It was terrifying – I only desired
To watch the fall of the jewel-like glowing crepuscule
But tonight I am kept inside by the ashes and toxins,
Gases that the young politician released as he exhaled
Caging the people’s minds in tombs of dust
That are rising out of anyone’s control – and I hate to remind myself
That we could not have halted the fall of this world
Where want has taken over consciousness

It was murderous – I only wished to taste with my own tongue
The remnants of the sweetness of your innocence and youth
But this morning it is bitter, so bitter, and I can see
You have not taken your pills and your syrups and it’s too late
You had promised to get me out but they mauled your wings
Now you are chained to the grave that this world has become
And I hate that I know
That I am the last one left to become insane

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