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February 1, 2016
By Meganinjaboy BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
Meganinjaboy BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
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The skies themselves are failing, falling unto me. I flinch… I’m frozen. I can’t do anything about this I can’t… I can’t move and I can’t… I can’t see anymore! This is impossible but it’s happening. Why? How is the world so cruel? I guess I deserve it… Don’t I? Or maybe bad things DO happen to good people… But what of karma? I’m so lost I… I can’t remember anything anymore. I don’t know whether I deserve this or if I’m just unlucky. Laugh all you want… All the others already do that. I’m too young to feel right? So it doesn’t matter. Until I’m older no one will ever consider how I feel to be real… They never do and that’s just how the world works. They all think I can’t feel true pain, love, hate, anger. They say the young never scar but it’s easier to make a permanent mark on a young sapling rather than an old, grand oak. “You’re young” mother tells me... I am young but father wants me to be a man. I don’t want to be a man yet… But I’m not a child. Am I? The world is confusing and cruel and forceful and it hurts. I must… Grow. Grow out of being a child to show mother and grow into a man for father. I must do this for myself! Not because father would be proud or because mother would realize but because I must grow to face this world. Adults are strong; the elders are wise, and the youth… Well we’re young. We’re growing so of course we’ll learn things. We’re young so of course we’re smaller. We’re growing into true people to society. Even if you think you’ve finished growing trust me we’re not done yet. That’s where we’re placed in this world. To the older and wiser we’re just children but they envy us. They envy our youth and privilege to be oblivious. You may want to learn to be an adult but you don’t WANT to. Enjoy your ability to be able to not care about anything else other than chores, housework, and small jobs your parents make you do. They do a lot… Adults. Good adults. Let yourself grow! Don’t reject being an adult but never forget being a child. Grow with the flow and let it be. Do what you want but remember what your parents tell you because they truly are far wiser than you could truly imagine. Be young.

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