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The Two Companions

January 29, 2016
By Cinny BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Cinny BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Two companions, proud and bold,
took flight on the shaded hill,
dodging tree after tree, laughing as they ran.
Dennis and Diego, a dog and a deer,
two devoted and delighted friends could not
think of anything more fun than what they were doing now.

Hot was the sun and windy was the breeze, the spring weather was
something to always look forward to.
Diego, the handsome and noble prince of the forest,
found comfort in a cool spot under a tree.
As for the daring dog, Dennis, now was the time for trouble.
Dashing toward the picked, plump, and perfect tomatoes,
the mischief-maker jumped and trampled upon the fresh fruit
the human had just harvested.

Guilty he was not, for the only thing he considered
was the delight he had in causing misfortune.
Diego was surprised and approached the
mess, side-stepping the mashed fruits to get to Dennis.

Diego, the noble prince of the wild, spoke: “You, my
troublesome and disruptive friend, are about to face the fearsome
wrath of the human. I will take my leave, to avoid the chaos.
Pray I do for you.”

And he turned to depart, heading to his trusty hiding spot,
the shaded tree nearby. Dennis, the now disheartened dog, yelled:
“No wait! Please come back. Help me my friend. Lend me your aid.
I do not wish to get scolded and punished.”

Contemplating and thoughtful, the noble deer could not decide.
However, he was loyal and true to his companion. So nodding
and smiling, he agreed to help. The two friends cleaned up the mess,
and returned to the cool spot under the tree; enjoying the relieving
wind whispering in their ears.

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