Of All The Things We Never Understood

December 29, 2015
By lyrahelix SILVER, Troy, Michigan
lyrahelix SILVER, Troy, Michigan
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Which is the true nightmare-

The dream or the reality?

One is an escape; Lets

you drown in things imaginary.

The other has a propensity

to be full of riddles and complexities,

Yet never did one ever fail

to grasp the inner melody,

(Though they may not have realized.)

But now, I have only spoken of what's good to hear,

Where, might you ask, do come the things to fear?

Worry not, for they do exist,

As you all know, your lives caught betwixt

the fancy and the ice, the trance and the wind;

Oh, upon what levels that Cat must grin,

For the truth could not be hidden any plainer than can be,

(And yet it is just the truth that we fail to see.)

For which is the true nightmare-

the reality or the dream?

The author's comments:

The lines between "good" and "evil" are applauded when blurred, but most of us have forgotten that when you zoom in, there is only a gradient, no absolutes.

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