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Warning Signs

October 30, 2015
By oceansofapathy PLATINUM, Milpitas, California
oceansofapathy PLATINUM, Milpitas, California
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We were 100 miles too fast but it was fun speeding down a road with no red lights and barriers. We were bound to crash but I kept thinking about the way your eyes smiled when you told me I was beautiful even when my skin felt too heavy along my shoulders. I never really loved you the way you hoped I would but I still let you hold me in the middle of empty hallways. I never noticed how your hands wandered, trailed my skin like constellations brush the night sky and I was caught somewhere between my hair and zippers and your watermelon breath. Your fingers never knew what limits were. Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew you were a bad idea but I didn’t know how to stop. Lies never felt so good against my flesh.

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