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Feathered Wings

October 26, 2015
By CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
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So close yet so far

The feathered wings that emport me
Into a peaceful world below
Where I can sit on a mountain looking down
To see a beautiful plain with late blooms
Wild birds flying over my head
Little squirrels scurrying around
Caterpillars crawl up the rough bark of trees
And turn themselves into the silky chrysalis
To become beautiful butterflies
But why don't they need
Those pretty feathers to fly
My feathers glisten and keep me warm
Soft hairs zipped together
To keep water out
I wondered why no one followed me
Into my world below and above
I guess I should've given them
Feathered wings to fly

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