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Asylum of Sanity

October 26, 2015
By CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
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So close yet so far

A frozen flame on the lake
Of the fumes I have inhaled
That slowly, agonizingly
Drove out me, all sanity
That's how I went crazy
In a clearing so eerie
Where stood a swamp,
A black surface, with tints
Of silver red blood; longing
A need to get close
To the haze it propagated
Hallucinating a thousand flames
Springing from the depths
To eat and lick at all it could
But it only stayed within the mere
Within its thin borders,
That faded and melted into the grass
The closer I got, the more it hurt
But I just couldn't stop
It sucked out me, all that was left
Unbreakable surface like tinted glass
I could see in
But they couldn't see out
The prisoners of the cage
And I was blinded
And pulled into darkness below
Endless muttering and whispering
Resounding throughout
The whole room;
Or was it really a room?
It deafened me; driving out
All of thoughts and creativity
Slowly pulling me into the circle
They had drawn out for me
Shaping me to their liking
So you couldn't differ from other prisoners
Conforming to their rules and barriers
No partners, no allies, no enemies
Only mindless bodies, walking
To ease the ache their minds brought
When trying to think up
Of a plan to escape
Chains tied to our ankles,
Blinders in front of our eyes
Ductape over are mouths
Dry lips, without water to rehydrate
Dry and empty inside
With no will to live left
A senseless schedule
Sleep, eat, work
Was all there was left to do
Everyone once and again
A new prisoner materialized
You would never see out
The darkness eating at you
At your very soul
I never left this place
Nor hello, nor goodbye
Sunset, sunrise
Were notions of a memory
The stars that were my eyes
Burned out of the life they once held
A passion now killed
A smile now hidden
In the layers of my insanity
A senseless agony
Absurdity, impurity
I've gone brainless; or have why?
I became a prisoner
In the asylum of sanity

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