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October 26, 2015
By CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
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So close yet so far

The lights went out
Nervously, I walked to the teacher’s desk
And there, in his hands, is my precious mark
My heart is pounding
Sweat is running down my face
An evil grin spreads across his face
His eyes lit with mockery
As the lights flicker on and off
“Your mark is… okay”
“Okay, okay, okay…”
It echoes in my mind
An evil cackle is ringing across the room
I turn and, they too, are mocking me
“80%, only 80%”
*Poof* back to reality
I’m sitting at my desk
No one's mocking me

The teacher just said my mark was...


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