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Momentary Escape

October 13, 2015
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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An echo from the past or a mirror to the future,
And my spirit is released from my numb body,
Dancing among the golden shadows of the forest.
A beat in time and I split into glowing pieces:
Music, dancing, art, and poetry are clearly outlined,
Before swirling and merging again into one.
You thought that all I am is a lonely, cold student,
Enslaved by the conformity of fake society,
But you forget: my soul and body aren't the same.
Through the strains of music reaching my ears,
My eyes retreat into the green glory of a tree,
The magnificent strength pulsing out life to me.
My feet are brown and bare; utterly wild and free,
Bouncing lightly over the softest moss carpet
And leaving behind nothing but a misty giggle.
Words flow past my mind like a gentle breeze,
Appearing in the form of glowing swirls and designs,
And softly brushing my skin and stirring my hair.
From deep within an oak comes the hum of a cello,
And all at once the forest bursts into melodies;
Frogs at the bass and birches on the violin.
My very being leads me through unknown steps,
Skipping and jumping and twirling with shut eyes,
Trust and gracefulness streaming in and out of me.
Past the lids of my eyes, paper and paintbrush meet,
Flowing in time to the rhythm of the music in me,
And following every poetic footfall as I dance.
Despite my use of energy, I don't grow weary,
But with every word I sleep a thousand nights,
Life and warmth rushing back into my heart and mind.
Then suddenly, the hours are reduced to seconds,
And I'm thrown back into my cold, lonely classroom,
All but a few hazy strands of hope still clinging to me.

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