Honors Kids

October 12, 2015
By toni.creations SILVER, Bronx, NY, New York
toni.creations SILVER, Bronx, NY, New York
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The gymnasium's ceiling opened up in vulnerability and God's selective hearing chose my eyes to pour his rain under, "89.999",
when honors kids
are hoarded into a small space in between two walking lonely walls waiting to meet each other,
And the only way to escape the fish and the bait's union is by climbing up the rules and regulations of the game,
therefore you can't be at the top of the bottom,
because the weight of a trillion suns are going to use your shoulders as a pit stop on their way to their own skies
" You were so close, man,
You were so close to close to perfection."
Honors kids
You are committing assisted suicide within your own community and you are unaware that your hierarchy
has made your accomplishments
the dream of the drowning second place citizen and so she sleeps to get a taste,
her emotions are burned at the stake as witchcraft and demonic setbacks see,
the key to happiness is to not feel happiness at all and let the
knowledge that you think you are
obtaining be your buffer from things
we do not know yet

because they tell us exactly what
to learn and how to learn it
and where to learn it but
they don't tell us why; and
they jam trivia questions and
answers down my throat but
I still don't really know much
about myself

Except "89.999"

The loss of identity is the loss of a soul.


The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this due to the fact that students at my school seem to be affceted by the hiearchy established by grades at my school, and I would like people to understand that grades don't have to be synonymous with intelligence.

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