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October 7, 2015
By FromTheHeart14 PLATINUM, Roswell, Georgia
FromTheHeart14 PLATINUM, Roswell, Georgia
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"Everything happens for a reason."

I was numb to the feelings you brought.
Nothing to remember; everything, I forgot.
All that I thought in that single moment is just a blur.
I think I felt pain.
I think I felt my heart shatter into a thousand tiny pieces.
Though, I’m really not sure.
I remember everything I wish I could forget, everything I wish I could change.
But I wouldn’t have changed the way you broke my heart. It made me a stronger person.
I wouldn’t have changed where I was when I read the words you wrote. It gave me time to understand.
I wouldn’t have changed anything about that moment. It made me cry my hardest.
All of the pain you caused,
all of the memories you turned black,
all of the tears you saw shed when I looked you in the eye...
They all taught you something.
It taught you that after 787 days, you have to be careful with the way your words are said.
Of all the things I wouldn’t change,
I wouldn’t have changed how you learned a lesson.

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