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September 24, 2015
By Love_Live_Write BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Love_Live_Write BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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What is the point in trying?

When all I feel is pain.

My efforts, futile.

When the bond breaks,


no going back.


A single rumor,

started it all.

It spread like fire,

eventually reaching its subjects.


It all went down

a wreakingball from there.

A heated battle

over trust and truth.

Two things that,

once lost,

can never be fully replaced.


New feelings grew from evil.

Afriendship its single target.

A shout to last a lifetime.


Echoing through my heart.


But, now I see,

how my efforts apleanty,

really did no good.


Just hurt me.



That is all they do.

Going out of their ways,

to not see eachother.

Leaving me,

the broken rubber band,

that once held us all



Tears form,

but don't fall.

For I know in my heart,

they may have lost something great;

but I,

I am unreachable.

The author's comments:

My two friendshad a broken friendship that left me in a really awkward place. This poem was a way to let everything out.

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