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A Glutton Fir Punishment

September 10, 2015
By sydneeharris16 DIAMOND, Auburn, Maine
sydneeharris16 DIAMOND, Auburn, Maine
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we the willing, lead by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. we have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

Yes, I
Noticed that you grew a beard as soon as we broke up
Even though you refused to when we were together.

And yes, I noticed you
Basically went incognito online and I hate it because
I don’t know what or how you’re doing and

Yes I could just text or God
Forbid call you but the digital age doesn’t have
Time for that.

I wish you didn’t tell

Me that the friendship bracelet I gave

You fell off your backpack I wish it didn’t bother me you kept it there.

Why am I still writing
About or to you,

I don’t feel much for you anymore.

This isn’t honest feelings this
Is regurgitated lines about
The only

Tragic Love Story I’ve never had.

And I don’t know how to write about what happens when I’m happy,
So I’m stuck with stupid poetry with messed up spacing about

A boy I haven’t talked to in maybe eight months
And the last conversation wasn’t
Really an important one. I don’t know

I found your sweatshirt yesterday so you’ve been in the very
Front of my brain right above my
Eyes and maybe if I wasn’t
Taking that new medicine, you’d give me a migraine.

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