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I Remember You

September 3, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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  I remember you

                   You used to stand with me in the snow
                  “Why do you think I'm standing out here?
                             Of course I'm your friend.”
                     You gave me that soft, silky blue tie
                          I don't think I have it anymore
                          It didn't smell like you anyway
                                      What did was
                          That National Guard hoodie with
                               The sharp, crooked zipper
                     It used to soothe me to sleep on nights
                                       I could not
                               Or the one before that
                           It was gray and black plaid
                           It was so beautiful and still
                                     For some reason
                                  I love boy sweaters
                  This one had earphones as the drawstrings
                                The coolest hoodie ever
                   And then- I promise it was an accident-
                   I accidentally cut the wires and it didn't
                Play music anymore, but I knew I had to tell
                          You weren't even mad at all
                          You said that I could keep it
                           Please may I have it back?
   I remember you
           You used to say no, but I still begged you to
      Please put me in a headlock
      Probably I saw it in a movie
     But it didn't hurt when you finally did it
             Did that on purpose, didn't you
     You watched The Princess and the Pauper
            I'm so sorry I put you through that
         At that time I loved “I'm Just Like You”
      But to this day loathe cartoons
                I can draw way better than that!
          Even on my skin as I listed
              Foolish reasons as to why I should
               Take my life, you responded with
         Foolish, foolish answers that
               Made me feel stupid
                Logarithms and those stupid numbers that
            Add one on, consecutive?
       I still don't get it
         But thanks for helping me
   I remember you
                    You gave me a piggy back ride
     On the day after Thanksgiving and I was so happy
             You were home because it was Friday
                                  And the gym was open
     Then, she wanted one, too  and I was livid
                            After all, she's not even related
        But you were always so nice
               I used to be a brat
            But now I'd like to think I'm nice, too
                           Like you
        I remember you
      I made sure you could never
           Leave me behind, and you still can't
           Get rid of me, I'm stuck
          Like crazy glue between your fingers
           I hope that's okay with you because
      You might not remember me
               But I remember you
          “I love you...Do you love me back?”
      How come it took all of that for you to just say
             “Yes, I love you back.”

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