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I See the Stars

September 3, 2015
By BreakingTheAnomaly SILVER, Winchester, Indiana
BreakingTheAnomaly SILVER, Winchester, Indiana
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I see the stars
And trace your name
Until I run out of space

Footsteps pounding on 3 am pavement
Resonate across the sleeping city
I scream until there's nothing left

If you love from a distance
Your heart will never know.
If you fall with your eyes closed
You can't be hurt

Walk the streets with fallen grace
Never let your face be seen
They can't memorize your cry if
They never know you

I howl at a concrete moon
Lamenting for all its seen.
We lose each other as years go by
And I never age a day.

Tomorrow's just a blur
Fading into today.
You're all I have left of now,
Blending into my past
With flecks of red hair lighting my way.

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