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Hope for our sisters

July 12, 2015
By I_Love_To_Write BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
I_Love_To_Write BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Part 1

Covered in endless dust and sand

A little child stood on that cursed land

There was a voice she longed to hear

Of a person her heart held dear

Oh, how she longed for the touch

Of that person who loved her very much

She searched on with unwavering gaze

With a heart long for love and a warm embrace.


Presently a voice she heard

And though pleasant as a singing bird

It caused her such a fear

It was not the one she wished to hear

She heard on that silent day

A group of children deep in play

Their voices carried along a joy

Which our little girl longed to enjoy.


Ages ago,she had a dream

So simple at that time it seemed

She dreamt of a life of fun and play

A life that chased her nothingness away

A life which would give her a new meaning

And make her a good human being

But this was a dream she could not see

For hers was a life that would not be.


When she was born, amidst all the noise

Crystal clear she heard a noise

A voice she had never heard before

A voice she would remember forever more

Her mother's voice, filled with pain

Begging her family to think again

But her family, cruel and wild

Killed her first born child.


The would-be father, without looking at his wife

Decided to end his daughter's life

The mother, sad and forlorn

Cried for her child who could not be born

But the child, though dead could not move on

Though the life in that tired body was gone

She was stuck in between

A world where she could not be seen

Nor heard, nor sensed, nor felt

Nor loved, nor touched, nor held

All due to her violent end

There was no one she could call a friend.


Part 2

Suddenly something surprised us all

An event which did seem small

A little boy went up to the girl to say-

"My dear sister, come with me to play"

The little girl shook her head

And filled with despair she said

"Though I wish to know what it's like to play

I cannot come with you today."


Saying this the little girl cried

To which her brother replied:

"In life, there is no too big a pain

That cannot be set right again

Though the sun is hot, it's not hard to smile

And this sand is rough, so it may take a while

To get used to it and play

And have fun the whole day.


We children don't need to worry

We can play all day without hurry

We live in no pain, no sorrow

The world is our playground and we its tomorrow.

There is a God up there above

Who looks after us with care and love

In times of distress, do not fear

When you need him, he will always be near.


Unlike your parents, he doesn't care

If you are a boy or a girl, he shares

His gifts for us, all the same

And makes life for us, a little game."

Saying so, he led her away

To the grounds he used to play

She forgot her loneliness of before

And played with her saviour forever more.


Part 3

This is the story of a little child

One of many of her kind

A story of sadness, tears and pain

One which recurs again and again

I take this moment to ask you

Think and reply what you feel is true

Does it matter if a child is a girl?

Aren't children all alike in this world?


God looks after all children as his own

But for us, this is seldom known

Today's times of violence and strife

Have destroyed the very meaning of our life.

Our values will continue to drift

Till we accept each child as God's gift

Only innocence and purity of heart

Can prevent our world from falling apart.


Today, let us all unite

Against such actions, let us fight

To protect all that is true

It requires the efforts of me and you.

The author's comments:

A hundred lines is far too less to express a feeling so profound.Female foeticide is the worst crime perpetrated by some humans against their own daughters.

Whenever we see children playing carefree in their own worlds, we must also see the children who should have been there but aren't.

It is time now that we, the youth of the world, take up the fight, to give HOPE FOR OUR SISTERS.

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on Mar. 19 2016 at 3:55 am
I_Love_To_Write BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Thank u so much

on Mar. 18 2016 at 3:23 pm
EvalynnHeather GOLD, Clemmons, North Carolina
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Wow that was really powerful and beautifully written. Write and post more, please!! So amazing