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Broken is not the end

July 11, 2015
By pleaseandthaiku BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
pleaseandthaiku BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Ancient homes

Rusted trucks

Tired people

Pointless f***s


Crumbling walls

Flaky crusts

Fragile hearts

Remaining dust








Homes can be rebuilt

Trucks can be restored

People can wake up

You can be adored


Walls can be enforced

Flaky crusts can be okay

Even hearts can still be mended

But dust is here to stay

The author's comments:

This piece is about accepting the brokenness around us and finding a way to embrace what pieces remain.

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on Jul. 15 2015 at 7:20 pm
elycavill SILVER, Samobor, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but pictures,
Kill nothing but time.

Really interesting concept, it is good to see that you write about the existance of point in life, optimistic and supported by simple motifs and poetical images