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Ode to Boy with Green Eyes

April 28, 2015
By prettysoccer_girl34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
prettysoccer_girl34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Amongst the rare shade of emerald
The sparkle warms me down to my toes
The lopsided grin puts my heart on hold
Your delicate face helps me lose my woes The night under the stars I wished to ask
For a dance. Yet something held me back and caused me to wish on a shooting star.
You beam as a light in which I wish to bask. This feeling is what I cannot stand
It’d hurt less if you hit me with a car
No one can know, and no one can tell
That my heart flutters whenever you pass
Maybe it’s because I hide it so well
I mean with looks so pretty, you could break glass
A gentle giggle that escapes your lips
Is a sound that makes everything better
Running your fingers through your soft hair
The words “I like you” are on my tongue’s tip
I want my friends to say, “Have you met her?”
Your friends could say, “You would make a great pair.”
This poem is over-cliched and cheesy
For someone who possibly doesn’t care People say telling your crush is easy
When you walk by, I tend to stop and stare These butterflies don’t seem to be leaving
But I’m perfectly okay with that
Some say that I am shooting pretty high Seeing how dashing you looked that evening When you’re in sight, I breathe a gentle sigh But here’s my ode to you, boy with green eyes

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