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The Undyings' Curse

April 22, 2015
By Jensen_Interceptor BRONZE, Berlin, Montana
Jensen_Interceptor BRONZE, Berlin, Montana
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The scientists and engineers who are building the future need the poets to make sense of it.
- Jason Silva

Deep in the earth, a crypt of rock
slumber guarded by casket locked
Lips grope silence ‘ever more
rasping thought, remembers whispered lore
Outstretched palms the roots do clench
tranquility stilled by festered stench
And eyes, sleep caked, are propped ajar
ignites no life, but collapsed star

Burned blades sigh, Winds’ dying gasp
bones brittle snap within her clasp
A lonesome howl the moon does draw
vigil broken, it twists its maw
Upon an arena of endless stone
the granite gates they’ve passed alone
And entered a world of burning eyes
eluded the judge of smoldering cries

A faultless gait, no stumbled draw
a reaping brought  by scythe and claw
Opal edge which shrouds a cause
aberrant blade shapes nature’s laws
Dictate a script, the stars can share
an open secret, a language bare
Steps continue, feet are drawn
across gray grass, undying pawn

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on Sep. 12 2015 at 8:37 pm
EmmaClaire0823 GOLD, Bay Minette, Alabama
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You are a really good poet. I don't know why your poems aren't more heavily trafficked. I love the flow and the rhyme of this poem. It's so good. I am the type of person to just give constructive feedback so when I do, I am just trying to help. There might be a few lines in your poem that aren't needed. If they don't help you convey your overall message, then examine them and see if they need to stay. Everything might be necessary. It's just a suggestion. You're awesome.