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April 16, 2015
By Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
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Pain runs through my body,
Darkness takes over my soul,
Falling, falling, into the dark abyss:
The primal chaos before Creation,
Was scared at first,
When meeting Hades,
Missing her mother,
She wanted to go back,
But soon death became her,
She turned into the Goddess of death,
Rise, awake, his voice whispers in my ear,
Smokey and deep,
Belonging to the death god himself,
Hades, the dark and beautiful,
My consort: my heart belongs to him,
Bright blue eyes stare back at me,
I hardly believe these eyes belong to me,
Hidden in my stone bright blue eyes,
Lies the great serpent,
My voice velvety,
It sounds like a succubus from below,
Dancing with death,
We are one,
Together forever,
In our castle,
In the Underworld,
We shall stay,
Heart in heart,
Hand in hand,
Our strong, dark souls as become one,
King and Queen of the Underworld unite,
The darkness calls,
Our story lives on.

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