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The Trees

April 14, 2015
By SpeareShaker SILVER, Gryffindor Tower, Other
SpeareShaker SILVER, Gryffindor Tower, Other
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"My tomorrows are likely to resemble my yesterdays. But I shall remain hopeful." -Twice Upon a Time #3: Beauty and the Beast, the Only One Who Didn't Run Away.

"I have tried so hard to do right." -last words of President Grover Cleveland.

The people grow in the forest
their roots intertwining
I have met many hollow ones
taken up by snarling badgers and hissing racoons
some are rotten inside
and it is invisible until you look in their cracks
there are empty people
with woodpeckers trying to break in
but they aren’t allowed their entrance
and the leaves and needles shed
but I have met people who are whole inside
they grow taller than any oak
because they chose to be that way
and it is an enchanting moment
seeing what they have gone through
as you count their rings

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